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defense again like all series and the post season. an i'm just blessed. >> chris: you had inning ending double play in first and third and the bases loaded situation in the fifth. how did you get through that? >> player: just made pitches. yeah, just, i knew my stuff was pretty good. i felt like it might have been better two games against st. louis. but i continue to try to make pitches. hit off the glove. did a great job. he caught a good game all the time. we're on the same page all night. >> chris: joe and tim chronicled your journey through baseball at age 35 to be standing out on this mound. and pitching in a game like this and to come through. it those be special emotionally for you. >> player: it was special before the night even started. being able to pitch a game in the world series is something, you know, two years ago before this started i never thought was going to happen. i was really, really pumped up to be out here tonight. it feels really good to finally be in a world series. and, you know, it's not over yet. we have to win one more. >> chris: matt cain will be pitching.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1